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Allen White

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We are located in Top Road. Entering from junction with D'Arcy Road/Oxley Hill the Village Hall is about 200 yards on right hand side. It is well sign-posted, and has good parking facilities.


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09 December 2012
Please take time to have a look at our Guestbook page, and feel free to leave comments etc.
The League AGM was held on Tuesday 13 September at Tolleshunt Knights Village Hall. I have added the minutes to the "League Minutes" page; to view/print them click on the "League Minutes" button on the Home Page, then scroll down to the first item on the page, then just click on the "pdf" file. Please find the time to read the minutes, Alan has made a proposal to the Team configuration which I think is worth considering. I have also added the fixtures for the new season to the "Competitions" page.
03 OCTOBER 2016
I have added a note "matters arising from the 2016" 3 T's League AGM and the new set of rules for this year to the "League Minutes" page. To view/print click on the League Minutes button, then scroll down to find the pdf files.

The new rules are in effect now in time for the new season, starting on 6 October.  

01 MARCH 2017
I have added a very brief note about our "post Christmas" meals held in February to the "NEWS" page. Click on the "News" button and scroll to the very bottom of the page to view.

25 MARCH 2017
I have added the Club AGM minutes to the Club Meeting Minutes Page.
I have also added the Club Constitution to the top of that page, duly amended, following the AGM decision.
On the Competitions Page I have updated the "3T's Shield Roll of Honour" to include this year's winners.
Don't forget the League Presentation Evening on Saturday 8 April at 19.30.

10 APRIL 2017
I have added a brief note to the very bottom of the "NEWS" page, about Saturday Evening's 3 T's Presentation. Click on the NEWS button and scroll to the bottom of that page. It seemed to go very well, thank you for attending and helping.


The league fixtures for next season 2017/18 have been added to the Competitions page, and the Minutes for last night's 3
AGM  can be viewed/printed on the League Minutes Page.

15 JANUARY  2018
I have added the latest results to the "Competitions" page following last night's match, where they can be viewed/printed.

19 JANUARY 2018
Please note fixture date change "5 January" to "8 February". Go to Competitions page for details.

19 JANUARY 2018
Club AGM will be held on Thursday 29 March at 14.00 hrs at our Village Hall. Please try to attend, it is your club have your say! 
26 JANUARY 2018
Jan has arranged our after Christmas meals at the Ship, on Friday 27 January at noon, and Saturday 3 February at 19.30 for 20.00. Big Reminder, please have a look on the Club Notice Board for the AGM agenda and add any items you feel need to be discussed. 
07 FEBRUARY 2018 
I have added the results from last night's league match to the "Competitions" page as usual.
Big Thank you to Jan for arranging our after Christmas meals at the SHIP. Nice social occasions with nice food. Busy on Saturday evening, one meal not so good, but overall good. Next time may look for another venue...
17 FEBRUARY 2018
I have added the results to the "Competitions" page following the last 2 matches, to view/print click on the "Competitions" page, then scroll down to the pdf files.  
If you click on the "News" page then scroll to the bottom of the page you will see another piece of carving art work from another of our members, Don Bright. Don and Roger Bacon are two very talented young(ish) men.
Brilliant boys! Ken

Hope you enjoyed browsing our website please leave a comment on the Guestbook

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