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After Christmas Meal
16 January 2015

Pictures kindly taken by our Jan


After Christmas meal
10 January 2015

A Big Thank you to Jan for organising a very successful evening!

Village Hall Annual Fete
13 July 2014

Pictures kindly provided by Pat and Tony Hood, Thank you!
Pat said that the early morning rain may have put some people off, as numbers were down a bit this year, but it was enjoyable.
Model railway
This was a big feature of the day, very popular.

Day begins

Rain Clouds arriving

Christmas Dinner 14 December 2013

Our "under 16 youth team" held their annual "Bash"  at the Ship Inn Tiptree, accompanied by their elders and "Mentors".
(Enjoy the photos, and see what we get up to when we are unleashed on the general public)

(sorry about the poor quality of the photos my 'phone battery was low,
so I couldn't use the flash)


The Following are Ron's Photos (much better!!!)


Oh! Yes! Our intrepid band of Freddy Mercury look-alikes
Took the opportunity to strut their stuff in the evening...
Definitely "We Are The Champions"
Sung in Falsetto, baritone and much waving of arms. 




Our Allen! What can you say....

Someone said this could be Bill! Nah! Mind you....
Do you remember Mr Pastry?

Went up the Shard Last Thursday
To Whet your appetite have a look at the view

The Lift takes 27 seconds to reach floor 33, then a second lift takes 20 seconds to reach floor 68, so smooth you don't feel any movement except your ears pop. On floor 68 you can use the interactive telescopes to view landmarks. You can then walk up two more flights of stairs to go "outside - yes really", only the glass and a metal grill to prevent you from cleaning the windows, see the photos of the very top of the building.
Nothing whatsoever about our bowls club, but thought you might like to see the views.


The Tower of London looks small

The Building under construction will be the new tallest building in London 

A Member's Interest
Take a look at These stunning photos

Ron has just added the RAF Flag May 2013
They look good Ron...

Recently taken at his "Stately Home, by Commander Ron Finer (retd.) Skipper of Air-Sea Rescue craft. Lady Audrey, enthusiastically stated after the unveiling ceremony of the flagpole and flag, "It makes it difficult to mow the lawn now!"

Friendly Match with West Mersea
Thursday 17 January 2013
Photos taken by Ron Finer (Thanks Ron)
Our Guests and Members at the tea break
Photo 1 of 3

West Mersea and TK members
Photo 2 of 3

Photo 3 of 3 

The afternoon went very well and hopefully will be repeated. Thanks to our guests from West Mersea for helping to make it a success.

Christmas Meal at the Ship Inn Tiptree
Friday 30 November 2012

Photos taken by our own David Bailey,
The one and Only Ron Finer.
A big Thank you to our Ron.
Attendees were David and Maureen, Val and Bob, Ron and Audrey,
Clive and Carole, Bill and Sue, Jan, Peter
Don and Liz, Graham and June and Phyllis,

Ben and Jo, Pat and Tony and Enid and Ken.
Serves Sue right for pulling a face, bet she thought I wouldn't include it,

Presentation to the winners/runners-up 2012 Fred Bishop and Chairman's Trophies

Runner Up Fred Bishop Trophy Bill Mackay

Winner Audrey Finer
Near perfect score 38/39 Brilliant

(Runner up of Chairman's Trophy David Bunce)

Winner of the Chairman's Trophy 2012
Audrey Finer
(is there no stopping the girl?)

Threatened to "throw her toys out of her pram" so we added this to keep her sweet.
Shown holding the trophy bubble wrap.
Well Done! 

Some candid camera shots taken by Ron Finer at our Christmas Meal 2011


 Maureen and David, Val and Bob, Enid and Ken, Jo and Ben, Averil,
Peter, Sheila and Les, Phyllis, June and Graham, Audrey and Ron, Bill,
Jan, Hilary, Linda and Eric
Photography Ron Finer
Editor Ken Smith
Filmed on Location at The Ship Inn, Tiptree 10 December 2011

There are no age limits to playing this very skilful game...

Enid and Ken's Grandson Jack with his first attempt at Bowls

Jack said he loved it!

Hope these pictures demonstrates what a fun, cool game this is.
Come and try it for yourselves.

Tony Fixing one of our scoreboards

Nice to see a craftsman at work
Thanks a lot Tony for the jobs that you have done to keep our show on the road

The New Club Message Board

Club Mafia members???

Ken "the FIXER", Ron (the Aquirer), Wendy (the Arranger), Ken(the Faciltator).

Same Gang, different "smiles"....

It's Only a Board.

Our Club Entrance




Bob and Sheila discussing a good shot, Enid and Roger returning after several excellent shots...
Janet planning her next Cruise

Peter in Deep discussion

Just a Tuesday Evening Club Night.. 
Nice view of The Entrance to the Hall from the Car Park...I think it's alright....

Members Arriving...

Having a chat.....

Obviously haven't seen each other for a long time...
Come on...Can we start ... Soon be time to go home..

Dennis and David watching points..

Oh! No! Looks like crowd trouble...Phew! No! It's tea-time..

 A pensive Averil. She was wondering whether to practice her "child scaring face"..
I have an example that I may insert here some time, when I'm brave enough...Ken
Roger can be seen in the background describing the size of a fish he may have caught. How Big was it?
(The following Historical Photos were kindly supplied by Linda)

Ron, Debbie, Roger, Ken, Linda, Diane 

Eric, Ken, Ruby, Bob, John and Ruth

Gill Cant, Ken M, Jan, John, Mary 

Ron, Debbie, Roger, Ken M, Linda


This poignant self-portrait shows our Chairman Allen, contemplating his navel and gathering his thoughts in his den...An innovator, an example, a leader......Maybe? A Man who "rides easy in the saddle" (allen's words not mine). 


Message From Our chairman
      "You, the TK Bowls Club, are a club of individuals that enjoy playing bowls in a very friendly and convivial atmosphere. That is a gift. Your ability to accommodate those who just enjoy the "social-side" together with the  focussed purist is something you all contribute towards. This is a rare achievement. A club that has a great social atmosphere with a competetive edge....

    Long may this prevail...."


    A fellow member,



Some More Historical Pictures provided by Madeleine, these were set up for an open day in 2001
 League Presentation Evening

Winners Tolleshunt Knights 2000-2001


Not sure, but nice photo. Can anyone help me out with names?

Recognise some of these, Wendy, Roger, Ruth Miriam, Pat, Ethel, John Mac, Ruth...

"Fred Bishop" Trophy awards waiting to be presented

Linda and Eric getting ready to "feed their face"...


Seen it before never mind just look at the rest


I recognise Roger, Ann, Pat, Mary, Averil not sure about the others


Winning Team Feb 2001

Averil, Mavis, Madeleine, and Gareth receiving their cups from Roger 

Young John Mac. and Peggy, sorry don't know the rest

Fred and Kitty Bishop and Madeleine....

 Very young looking Ken and Diane.....followed by
Winning team's skip, Garerh receiving the Fred Bishop Trophy from Roger. Mavis and Mary in the background...

A Tuesday Evening of action or inaction...

          This is a pretty good head...........

  Ron about to improve the head for his team....  

June collecting a stray off mat wood
(The following are photos of the Tolleshunt Knights Village Fete held on Sunday 11 July 2010) 

Bowls Club  Tombola Stall manned by members serving their first customer of the day. Eric, Pat, Audrey, Averil, Ron, June, Jan, Phylis and Grandaughter...Well Done team 

Photo taken by "Club Photographers" Eric and Linda.


Brilliant landing shot of Red Devils,taken by Tony

Another great landing photo taken by Tony

Beautiful Clouds, again taken by Tony

Rogues Gallery manning the Tombola Stall. Picture taken by Ted Warren. Thanks Ted. 

Would you buy a used car from these dodgy Characters???  LOL Ken 


Photo taken by Tony. Nice shot.. 

People enjoying their day...Photo by Tony..

I don't believe it! Some "Very Mature" bowls Club members, pursuing their aims to get into the limelight...Real attention seekers..

Bit of advice Guys, leave it to Katy Price, Paris Hilton, Christian Ronaldo and others....Ken  


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